Are You Ready For Your End Of Lease Bond Cleaning?

Are You Ready For Your End Of Lease Bond Cleaning

As a tenant, doing the dirty work of cleaning for an end of lease yourself might be a cheap solution. However, when looking at getting your bond back here are a few things to consider when getting an end of lease bond clean.

Don’t underestimate the time it takes to clean

A team of professional end of lease cleaners will take roughly 2-4 hours to clean a regular studio apartment.

To clean a three-bedroom apartment it will take about 4-6 hours. And for a large house – it can take an entire day.

Many renters are quite surprised and unaware at just how much work can be involved. If you are cleaning yourself, this can lead to leaving too little time to finish the job properly. And more often than not, this means having to hire professional cleaners at the last minute or jeopardise your bond. We recommend sorting out your cleaning as soon as you know you are going to move out.

An empty clean

Ideally you will have moved everything out before you get a cleaning service in. As mentioned above, end of lease cleans take a bit more time than your regular clean and you don’t want to waste time with having your things and furniture still in your residence.

We can guarantee you will be satisfied with a great clean with some areas such as under fridges and couches are obviously much better suited when the said item isn’t there.

Cleaning equipment

Why go to the bother and expense of purchasing specialised cleaning equipment only to be used once when you can get a professional and affordable clean?

Some items such as carpet steam cleaner and oven cleaners are much better handled by a seasoned professional.

Once you have had your end of lease completed, we recommend having your home inspected by the landlord or real estate agent immediately. That way you can get final approval and ensure getting back your bond.

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