How To Clean Window Blinds At The End Of A Lease

Window blinds that need cleaning

Do you have to clean your window blinds? This is a task no one enjoys! And yet, it is a task that must be done when vacating a rental lease.

Here is a tip to clean those dirty window blinds for your rental exit clean. Get a damp cloth, dry cloth and some white vinegar water solution.

Vinyl blinds are probably the easiest blinds to clean. The first thing you are going to want to do is to wipe the blinds down with a clean dry cloth. Close the blinds and gently wipe them to remove the loose dirt and dust. Remember to do this to both sides of the blinds.

After the loose dirt has been removed – it is time to tackle the grime that is left behind. White vinegar mixed with water solution is best for removing this. Using a damp cloth – apply the vinegar solution. Wipe gently back and forth on the blind.

Wipe the same direction as the blind blades are laying. IE; if the blinds are vertical – wipe them vertically. Most vinyl window blades lay horizontally and you will want to wipe them in that direction. You want to wipe them on both sides to remove all of the dirt and grime.

You can then dry the blinds with a clean cloth by gently wiping them. You will now have clean vinyl window blinds!

To keep them clean and looking nice – dust them with a dry cloth on a weekly basis. Every six months you will want to use the vinegar and a damp cloth method to remove any residual dirt. It is also important to know you shouldn’t put a lot of pressure on the blinds when you clean them. Remember a gentle touch is all that is needed.

As a precaution – some window blinds might have a particular requirement for cleaning blinds. You should first make sure with the manufacturer to see if there is any specific requirement for cleaning them. You may need a certain type of cloth, or maybe a particular type of cleaning lotion in order to preserve the quality of the blind. For example, wooden and venetian blinds might have a particular requirement.

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