How to Get Your Bond Back!

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Don’t Leave Messes till you Move!

I know, accidents happen. Spills, stains and messes aren’t always our fault. But… the best thing to do is be proactive. By being proactive with the spills and messes, is cleaning them as soon as they happen. If you pro-long the mess, it will begin to build and get worse and worse. Remember to get rid of off food, minimise clutter, and clean up stains as soon as you spill.

Hire Professionals

If you think that there is a chance your house inspection won’t past. Save your time and your landlords by getting a throrough job done through a professional. Here at Really Cheap Bond Cleaning Brisbane we give cheap quotes and quality results.


Remember that if something does go wrong with the house, that it’s the house owners responsibility to fix them. It is probably the best decision to call your landlord when things go wrong so that you can avoid any further costs with the house.