Moving House Woes

Who Were The Last Tenants?

Ever moved into a dirty house that had obviously not been properly cleaned by the previous tenants? We understand that feeling. You make sure you list everything that’s wrong on the condition report in the hopes that when you move out you won’t be blamed for all the damage. You wonder “how is it possible I was allowed to move in here without everything being cleaned first?”

You know the real estate agent would have taken some of the previous tenant’s bond money to pay for cleaners… but why is the house still dirty? We’ve all been there, but you know at the end of your lease, despite the condition report, you’ll probably get blamed for all the grime and damage. Another thing that can happen is that no matter how much effort you put into the cleaning, you still don’t get all your bond back. That’s where we come in.

Why to Hire Us

Really Cheap Bond Cleaning are experts in making sure you get all your bond back. We are familiar with the standards of real estate agents and we make sure we get a top class job done every time. It’s worth the money hiring us (and besides, we are really cheap) because then you can have peace of mind that you will get your bond back, and you’ll have the added bonus of having more time to pack and move.

We know what it’s like moving house, when you try to synchronise moving out of your old house and into your new one in as short a space of time as possible so you’re not paying double rent for too long. Unfortunately, this isn’t always enough time to get everything that needs doing done. You may plan to have an entire weekend to clean, but trust us, it’s worth booking us in advance so you don’t get caught out. Even at the last minute it’s worth giving us a call because we might be able to save you.

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