Why Do I Need to Hire a Bond Cleaner?

When it comes to the end of your lease, if you’re renting a house, you might be wondering whether a bond cleaner is really necessary. There are pros and cons, but in our opinion the advantages are more than worth it.

What Are the Advantages?

The advantages of hiring a bond cleaner are many. For one, we work to an RTA standards checklist, so the work done will match the stringent requirements of your property manager.

Another advantage is that you get more time to pack and move your belongings. There’s nothing worse than trying to move house on one weekend and trying to get the packing and cleaning done all at once.

Many of us find ourselves losing sleep and going through stress when this is the case. If you hire us, you can focus on getting your things moved, and while you’re setting up your new home, we can be working hard to get your old home cleaned.

What Kind of Work Do You Do?

At Really Cheap Bond Cleaning, we do a variety of jobs. Everything from scrubbing floors and tiles to carpet cleaning and pest control. We clean the oven as part of our standard service. We do other things like clean the interior windows, dust the fans, clean the air conditioners, remove cobwebs, clean window tracks, ledges and frames, clean skirting boards, spot clean walls, clean light switches and power points, clean and debug light fittings, clean wardrobes and cupboards, clean wardrobe tracks and mirrors, vacuum carpets, mop and sanitise tiled areas, wipe down doors and door frames, and more!

This is something that when you’re already under time constraints, you might not have time for. After all, who wants to stay up all night cleaning at the last minute?

At Really Cheap Bond Cleaning, we do the hard work for you at the cheapest price! Get in touch with us today.