Pest Control – What Pests Do We Get Rid Of?

The hot & humid conditions here in Brisbane have brought the ants out in force! Crawling over your bench tops, up the walls, leaving their mess behind and nothing you spray seems to get rid of them for long. Or there’s the cockroaches, running through your cupboards and over your floors. Not to mention spiders hanging out in the corners of your rooms spinning webs. Then, if you have animals, there’s the dreaded flea problem causing itchiness and upset to your pets and even yourself! Thankfully, that’s where Really Cheap Bond Cleaning can help! When we do a pest treatment, these are the four major pests that we treat for. Even better, we can do it for you any time, not just during a bond clean!

All our products are safe around children and animals and are guaranteed to keep your house pest-free. Why not contact us for a quote?