Mount Gravatt Bond Cleaners

Mount Gravatt Bond Cleaners

Really Cheap Bond Cleaning are your Mount Gravatt Bond Cleaners who services Brisbane, Ipswich, the Gold Coast and the greater region of South East Queensland.  Our company strives to ease the burden of moving house for exiting tenants and preparing homes for Property Manager’s new tenants, as well as offering general domestic house cleaning services.  The team at Really Cheap Bond Cleaning endeavour to deliver a professional and affordable service, to leave you 100% satisfied and provide you with peace of mind with our *7 day guarantee!  We offer fully comprehensive services that include:

Bond Cleaning Mount Gravatt

Whether you are a tenant moving out of a home you have rented or are a Property Manager wishing to have your client’s property expertly cleaned, we are the team for you.  We guarantee that the work we carry out will comply with the Residential Tenancies Authority’s standard checklist to ensure that tenants receive their bond refund and Property Managers meet strict requirements.  Our cleaners use only the best commercial grade cleaning products and equipment to ensure the best possible clean. You can’t go wrong with us!

Mount Gravatt Bond Cleaners

Carpet Steam Cleaning Mount Gravatt

We are extremely confident that you will love our carpet steam cleaning service.  We only use the best products and latest techniques to deliver safe, clean, dry and sanitised carpets. We produce immaculate results and fast drying times, not only extending the life of your carpet, but creating a healthier home environment.  All of our professionals are fully insured and Queensland licensed, to meet exit condition report requirements and make sure you get your bond back.

Pest Control Mount Gravatt

Pest control comes in many different forms and for many different pests.  If you are living with pets (dog and/or cat), there’s a good chance you will experience problems with Fleas, particularly in the hotter months when Fleas are out in force.  We specialise in end of lease pest control that complements our other services and works hand-in-hand, including indoor and outdoor flea treatment.  Or if you have other creepy crawlies (cockroaches, ants, silverfish, mosquitoes, bed bugs and wasps), we provide general pest control services to treat these pests too.

All of our pest control contractors are fully Queensland licensed with insurances and only use pet and baby safe products.


If you need a trusted team to carry out any of these services, get in touch with Really Cheap Bond Cleaning today!

About Mount Gravatt

Mount Gravatt is an outer-city suburb with a postcode of 4122 and a population of 3,366.  This suburb received its name after Lieutenant George Gravatt, commander of the Moreton Bay Settlement in 1839, who died in combat.  Mount Gravatt was one of Brisbane’s largest suburbs, before being divided into Mount Gravatt East, Upper Mount Gravatt and Wishart.

There is a large independent youth population in Mount Gravatt, this can be attributed to the more affordable housing options in the area as opposed to suburbs closer to Brisbane CBD as well as multiple universities close by.  Griffith University Nathan campus is the foundation campus of Griffith University, offering degrees in business, humanities, law and aviation. There are four local primary and secondary schools in the area.

If you want a quick response and expert service for any bond cleaning, carpet steam cleaning and pest control services around your home in Mount Gravatt or surrounding areas, Really Cheap Bond Cleaning has a proven team of professionals that will cater for all of your needs.  All our services come with a *7 day guarantee (*T&C’s apply), our teams are fully insured and Queensland licensed.  We follow the Residential Tenancies Authority’s (RTA) standard bond cleaning list and provide you with a tax invoice on completion, to present to your Property Manager to ensure you receive your bond refund.  Give us a call today.


Pest Control Vs Flea Treatment

What’s the difference?

If you are a tenant getting ready to exit a rental property and you have been asked by the Property Manager to get a professional pest controller to service the property, there’s a good chance that they are asking you to have a flea treatment done.  Flea treatment is commonly requested for tenants that have pets, typically cats and dogs, but they can live on other mammals.

Why, you may ask?

Pets often attract fleas and spread them in the house and garden, creating an infestation.  Undisturbed and without a blood meal, aflea can live more than 100 days – long after you and your pets have vacated the property.  And although the adult fleas feed from your pet, their larvae live and feed on organic debris in the animal’s environment; i.e. carpets, cracks in timber floorboards, furniture, etc.  So, if you do have pets, you may also be requested to have the carpets or furnishings professionally steam cleaned as well.

If you are unsure what type of pest control your property manager is requesting, this should be available on the entry condition report.  Alternatively, the entry condition report may state General Pest Control, which is typically in reference to treating pests such as: cockroaches, ants, silverfish, mosquitoes, bed bugs and wasps.  Be sure to check on the entry condition report if flea treatment and/or pest control is required indoors only, or if outdoors is also stipulated.  Knowing exactly what services you need at the outset will save you both time and money.

Here at Really Cheap Bond Cleaning, we know that moving house is a big job… and it’s exhausting! That’s why we offer a complete end of lease cleaning service, including carpet steam cleaning, pest control and garden maintenance.  We are the experts in exit cleaning and know exactly what is required to ensure a smooth process, a satisfied Property Manager and most importantly a happy customer – when you get your bond back!

All our services come with a 7 day guarantee (T&C’s apply), our teams are fully insured and our pest control technicians are fully Queensland licensed.  We follow the Residential Tenancies Authority’s (RTA) standard bond cleaning list and provide you with a tax invoice on completion, to present to your Property Manager to ensure you receive your bond refund.

Back To School Time!

It’s that time of the year again that parents rejoice about! It’s been 6 weeks of arranging day care, holidays, events, and things to do to keep children entertained. Kids are heading off to school again for the year, and the costs to do so can be staggering! Especially if you’ve just had to move house!

The Highest Standards

Really Cheap Bond Cleaning adheres to the highest standard of cleaning, but we are still competitively priced! That makes us the best in Brisbane. You can try using our competitors but you will always come back to us knowing that we offer superior service and price. We actually offer a best price guarantee, where if you find a cheaper bond cleaner on page one of Google, we will beat it by 10%!

About Us

We use the best cleaning products available to ensure that the results are the best possible. We use only the most experienced cleaners and adhere to the RTA standard bond cleaning checklist which will keep even the most strict property manager happy.

We also offer either a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee or our industry leading 7 day bond back guarantee, so you can rest assured the job will be done properly.

Our Cleans

Our cleans are comprehensive, and we supply a professional invoice with every one. We use our own commercial grade equipment and cleaning products. We use teams of 2 to 3 to make sure the job’s done quickly. Other services we offer are steam cleaning and pest control – we do it all. If you book more than one of our services, we can offer you a package deal! You just have to make one easy phone call at the end of your lease and we will handle everything. With us, it’s too easy, and worry-free. Our experienced, friendly staff are fully insured and police checked.

Our cleans also come with a free oven clean, saving you the heavy duty work involved. Our quotes are GST inclusive. We are recommended by a large range of real estate agents, which is testament to the standard of quality we provide.

Here at Really Cheap Bond Cleaning, we hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. Stay tuned!