Our Affordable Brisbane Bond Cleaning

Some Common Questions We Are Asked About Our Affordable Brisbane Bond Cleaning

Our Affordable Brisbane Bond Cleaning

What types of properties do you service?

Really Cheap Bond Cleaning service all property types. Our bond cleaning service includes 1-bedroom studio apartments, 2- & 3-bedroom apartments, and of course, large houses.

How do the bond cleaners get access to my home?

Depending on the arrangement you have with your landlord or property manager (real estate agent), you may be expected to assist in letting the bond cleaners enter your property. In some cases, your building manager or agent may be able to let the cleaners in for you.

Will I get a guarantee of the cleaning services?

We follow the RTA standard list for bond cleaning.

In fact, we’re certain you will love our clean we offer a 7-day guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. All our bond cleans guarantee to return and re-clean the property for you if the bond clean service does not pass the property agent’s standards. (T&C’s apply).

Does bond cleaning include carpet steam cleaning and pest control?

Our professional bond cleaning services can include carpet cleaning and pest control services. Really Cheap Bond Cleaning has negotiated discounted rates with our licensed carpet and pest control contractors. We extend those discounts to you.

We handle all the bookings on your behalf and pass those savings directly back to you. This is a free service for you.

Are ovens and hot plates included in bond cleaning services?

Our bond cleaning service will include the ovens and hotplates. We endeavour to restore the oven and hotplates back to a suitable end of lease condition.

Can I get my bond clean on weekends and public holidays?

Really Cheap Bond Cleaning are happy to accommodate to your schedule and exit date and requirements. It is highly recommended to call us early enough to check availability on weekends and holidays.


If you are in Brisbane or the Gold Coast areas and are in need of a bond cleaner, carpet steam cleaner, pest controller or gardener; get in touch with us today!

We can walk you through what needs to be done to satisfy your exit condition report and to maximise your bond refund.

Call us today on 0439 977 484.

*7 day guarantee. T&C’s apply.

Cheap Bond Cleaning and Pest Control in and around Brisbane

Looking for cheap Bond Cleaning and Pest Control in and around Brisbane?

Cheap Bond Cleaning and Pest Control in and around Brisbane

Really Cheap Bond Cleaning offer a package of a bond clean and pest control. This package is perfect for those whose end of lease agreement stipulates that a bond clean and pest control is required when the lease is up.

We eliminate pests as well as dirt and scum quickly and efficiently, so you can continue focusing on your move instead of worrying about cleaning your house from top to bottom.

Here at Really Cheap Bond Cleaning, we pride ourselves on our proven track record of delivery quality results that are backed up by our customer testimonials.

The reason why we are one of Brisbane’s premier bond cleaners is because our company is tried and tested. Our bond clean is meticulous and thorough and to ensure our customers are satisfied.

We can completely work around your schedule to pick a time that is best suited to you and your needs, we understand that moving is stressful and that is why we are here to ease the burden. We use the latest tools and cleaning equipment to ensure not only the highest quality service, but at an efficient rate.

If you also require a complete a pest control as well as a bond clean – our comprehensive pest cleans control the presence of spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, bed-bugs, ants, fleas and rodents.

The indoor and outdoor pest control that we administer includes a spray for fleas and is designed specifically for end of lease cleans. Every one of our pest control contractors and bond cleaners are 100% licensed to work in Queensland.

The products we use are both pet and people friendly, so you do not have to worry about unwanted chemicals or fumes lingering in the air.

We want to see your house sparkling clean once we are done and it makes the job all worthwhile when we see our customers smiling after seeing what we have accomplished.

Our team members love their job and genuinely get satisfaction out of a day well done. We back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are located in the Brisbane or Gold Coast areas and are in need of a bond cleaner, carpet steam cleaner, pest controller or gardener; get in touch with us today! We can walk you through what needs to be done to satisfy your exit condition report and to maximise your bond refund.

Call us to day on 0439 977 484.

*7 day guarantee T&C’s apply

Tips for Maintaining a Tidy House

Keep it Clean

One of the things you can do in order to make moving house as pain-free as possible is to maintain your house or premises with a thorough, regular cleaning routine. This way, when it’s time to bond clean, you don’t have too much on your hands and you can focus on packing and relocating – and best of all, you’ll get your entire bond back! Besides that, a clean house is more aesthetically pleasing.
Also, if you have a clean house, it is a safer and healthier environment.
Clean up spills immediately to avoid stains setting in. A tidy house without clutter will be easier to move around in.
A clean kitchen will create less risk of food poisoning.

Clean Floors

If you keep the floor clean, you will minimise tripping and slipping injuries, and you’ll increase the life of your carpets by removing grit and sand. On wooden floors, using a protective floor wax or sealant will prevent wear. If you spill something wet on the floor, one of the options is to soak it up with sawdust, diatomaceous earth, or cat litter. There are a wide variety of tools available to clean your floor: buffers, automatic floor scrubbers and sweepers, and carpet extractors. These can deep clean most types of hard floor or carpeted floors, taking significantly less time than doing it manually.

Wooden Floors

Varying wooden floors require different types of care. This depends on whether they are waxed, oiled, or have a polyurethane coating. You must determine the type to treat it properly – for example it is hard to clear wood floor wax from a polyurethane coated surface. Follow these simple instructions when cleaning your wooden floor.

  • Clear off any furniture or items that are easy to move
  • Sweep or vacuum loose debris and dirt
  • Mop the floor along the grain. For a polyurethane coated floor, use a damp mop with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Wring out the mop thoroughly before you start. Run the mop back and forth, being sure to go with the grain in smooth strokes. Do not use water for lacquered or shellacked floors as it can stain and cause buckling.
  • Buff with a soft cloth to remove soapy residue. Cloth nappies are very effective for this because of their softness and absorbency.

We hope these tips help you along with keeping your house clean and tidy, and remember, contact us if you need some professional cleaning services.

How Do I Know if I Need Pest Control?

Signs You Need Pest Control

When was the last time you used pest control? It might have been years, or if you’re renting, you might have no idea. Here are some signs it might be time to call the exterminators.

If you happen to see wasps, possums, rodents, termites, spiders, mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches, flies, fleas, borers, or ants in your home it’s a sign that the invasion might have begun. The ones you see represent a hidden population and an unprotected home. Seeing them outside your house might be normal, but if you see them inside, it could be time.

One cockroach usually means you’ve got a plague hidden somewhere. If you see more, you know they’ve definitely taken hold. Placing a few baits around will help you to gauge the level of infestation.

If you find damaged wood and/or mud tubes in your house, that’s a sign of termites. You should immediately find out more about their level of penetration and find out what kind of termite you’re dealing with.

Wasp nests or termite mounds may appear 50 to 200 metres away from your house and still pose a threat. Please note, one shouldn’t disturb termites or wasps on their own.

Droppings can be another tell-tale sign. You can tell from the type of dropping which kind of pest you’re dealing with. Really Cheap Bond Cleaning can help you to identify the problem.

Signs of gnawing or chewing can be an indication of rats and mice. They tend to gnaw at anything from wood to plastic. You can also spot their footprints and tail marks if you look closely.

Pests are attracted to rubbish, food, and water. Periodically check your kitchen and near your bins for signs.

During the wet season, check any possible stagnant water around the house in case of mosquito larvae.

If the weather is warm and wet, this is an opportune time for a range of pests. It is the favoured condition for termites. Check your windowsills for termite wings. This might be a sign that there’s a nest in the vicinity.

If you’re about to move into a new house, that’s a good time to get pest control – before the house is furnished and occupied. If you’ve lived somewhere for a year, it’s also a good time to call the exterminator – prevention is always better than cure. You needn’t see any signs of pests at these times.

Really Cheap Bond Cleaning Pest Control

If you’ve checked your house and alarm bells are ringing, contact Really Cheap Bond Cleaning for pest control. We specialise in end-of-lease pest control – it works hand in hand with our other services. We cover indoor and outdoor pest control that includes a flea spray. All of our pest control contractors are fully QLD licenced with insurances and only use pet and baby safe products.

Moving House Cleaning Guide

Here at Really Cheap Bond Cleaning, we have over ten years of experience in the bond cleaning industry. Drawing from this, we’ve assembled a comprehensive cleaning guide.

Start with the kitchen. It’s better to do the hardest parts first!

  • Clean all cupboards inside and out
  • Clean all surface areas and counter tops
  • Clean outside and inside of oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave
  • If fridge is supplied with the property, defrost the freezer
  • Clean grill, cook top, and range hood
  • Clean taps and sink, don’t forget to descale
  • Clean fly screens, door and window frames, windows, windowsills, window and door tracks
  • Sweep or vacuum floors
  • Mop floors

Then move on to the bathroom.

  • Clean taps, toilet, bath, and basin
  • Wash tiles
  • Remove any mould
  • Clean shower enclosure or doors, wash or replace shower curtain
  • Clean surface areas, mirrors, and shower rails
  • Sweep/vacuum, mop/scrub floor

Now move on to the other rooms in the property.

  • Wash and dust all surfaces
  • Wash and dust window and door frames and window tracks/sills
  • Wash mirrors
  • Dust fans
  • Clean outside of air conditioner, clean filter
  • Wash inside and outside of wardrobes and cupboards
  • Wash and dust skirting boards
  • Sweep/vacuum and clean floors

Don’t forget the outside areas! Here’s a checklist.

  • Mow lawn, pull weeds, and trim edges
  • If there’s a pool, clean out any debris or leaves
  • Sweep verandah/patio etc.
  • Empty and clean out wheelie bins
  • Get rid of any oil stains in the garage or driveway
  • Clear away cobwebs

Here’s some general things that need to be done.

  • Remove any rubbish from the property
  • Steam clean carpets and get pest control done (if stipulated in the lease agreement)

We hope this cleaning guide has helped you! If you’d like to get professional bond cleaning, carpet cleaning, and pest control done, please get in touch with us!

Bond Cleaning Before and After

Example of a ‘Really Cheap Bond Cleaning’ Before and After