How much is a bond clean in Brisbane

How Much is a Bond Clean in Brisbane?

How much is a bond clean in Brisbane

You have been living in Brisbane and now you are packing up your belongings to move to a new house. Moving is a massive ordeal in itself, let alone looking for Brisbane bond cleaners that are both cheap and reliable.

At Really Cheap Bond Cleaning, we pride ourselves on cleaning houses to fulfill the end of lease cleaning requirements while still at a charge that doesn’t break the bank. One of the most common questions we receive from tenants is, “how much will my bond clean cost?”.

As should be expected, there are a number of things that go into the charge of a bond clean. There is no set price for every house and the bond cleaners that charge a ‘set rate’ generally catch people up in the terms and conditions which specify the size of rooms or how long it takes. The basic formula for determining a bond clean cost for most companies is; the size of your property, plus extras needed (carpets cleaned, walls washed etc).

It pays both literally and figuratively to go with an established and well-known cleaning company as you will be paying for top-notch customer service, reliability and upfront quotes.

Something to avoid when searching for bond cleaners are weekly or fortnightly cleaning services that generally charge an hourly rate for a set number of hours. For bond cleaning companies as it is not a regular domestic clean. A bond clean should be charged per room with the quote made flexible for property size and added extras. A bond clean shouldn’t be prescribed a set number of hours before the property has even been evaluated, you cannot compromise cleanliness with price in a bond clean.

At Really Cheap Bond Cleaning, we offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!



Why choose Really Cheap Bond Cleaning?

Over 3,500 clients have trusted us with their bond clean and have received a bond refund! We pride ourselves on a quality job, so we’re certain you’ll love our service. That’s why we offer a *7 day guarantee, including one free call out. Our bond cleaning Brisbane service follows the Residential Tenancies Authority’s bond cleaning checklist, to make sure the job is done right the first time.

We offer competitive pricing, to ensure your bond cleaning is completed at the most affordable price. Plus, all our teams are reliable, fully insured, police checked and receive ongoing training to exceed your expectations.

If you are located in the Brisbane area or the Gold Coast and are in need of a bond cleaner, carpet steam cleaner, pest controller or gardener; get in touch with us today! We can walk you through what needs to be done to satisfy your exit condition report and to maximise your bond refund.

Call us to day on 0439 977 484.

*7 day guarantee T&C’s apply


How Do I Know if I Need Pest Control?

Signs You Need Pest Control

When was the last time you used pest control? It might have been years, or if you’re renting, you might have no idea. Here are some signs it might be time to call the exterminators.

If you happen to see wasps, possums, rodents, termites, spiders, mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches, flies, fleas, borers, or ants in your home it’s a sign that the invasion might have begun. The ones you see represent a hidden population and an unprotected home. Seeing them outside your house might be normal, but if you see them inside, it could be time.

One cockroach usually means you’ve got a plague hidden somewhere. If you see more, you know they’ve definitely taken hold. Placing a few baits around will help you to gauge the level of infestation.

If you find damaged wood and/or mud tubes in your house, that’s a sign of termites. You should immediately find out more about their level of penetration and find out what kind of termite you’re dealing with.

Wasp nests or termite mounds may appear 50 to 200 metres away from your house and still pose a threat. Please note, one shouldn’t disturb termites or wasps on their own.

Droppings can be another tell-tale sign. You can tell from the type of dropping which kind of pest you’re dealing with. Really Cheap Bond Cleaning can help you to identify the problem.

Signs of gnawing or chewing can be an indication of rats and mice. They tend to gnaw at anything from wood to plastic. You can also spot their footprints and tail marks if you look closely.

Pests are attracted to rubbish, food, and water. Periodically check your kitchen and near your bins for signs.

During the wet season, check any possible stagnant water around the house in case of mosquito larvae.

If the weather is warm and wet, this is an opportune time for a range of pests. It is the favoured condition for termites. Check your windowsills for termite wings. This might be a sign that there’s a nest in the vicinity.

If you’re about to move into a new house, that’s a good time to get pest control – before the house is furnished and occupied. If you’ve lived somewhere for a year, it’s also a good time to call the exterminator – prevention is always better than cure. You needn’t see any signs of pests at these times.

Really Cheap Bond Cleaning Pest Control

If you’ve checked your house and alarm bells are ringing, contact Really Cheap Bond Cleaning for pest control. We specialise in end-of-lease pest control – it works hand in hand with our other services. We cover indoor and outdoor pest control that includes a flea spray. All of our pest control contractors are fully QLD licenced with insurances and only use pet and baby safe products.

How to Easily Clean Painted Walls & Skirting Boards

Brought to you by Really Cheap Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Painted walls are quite a simple surface to clean. Remember to cover your furniture and the edges of your carpet before starting.

  1. To start with what you’ll want to do is dust off the wall you are cleaning first with a duster or microfibre cloth.
  2. Next, damp the microfibre cloth, DO NOT soak it in water as it will leaves watermarks and drips on you’re walls.
  3. Try to stick to dirty marks and handprints that are on the wall instead of wiping the whole wall down, this will save you a lot of time and energy.
  4. Really Cheap Bond Cleaning Brisbane recommends heading to your local bunnings store and picking up a CIF cream or something similiar. This cream should help get rid of any blacks scuff marks from shoes or really dirty parts on the wall.