The Secret to Getting Your Bond Back

Whether you are renting a studio, apartment or house, you will need to pay a bond at the beginning before you move in. The bond is generally four times the weekly rent that is paid to your landlord and kept for the duration of your tenancy, this is fully refunded provided the property is kept in the same condition as it was when you moved in. One in three Australian renters lose part or all of their bond when they move out and inexperienced renters face the worst of it with two-thirds saying they have lost their whole bond.

The Secret to Getting Your Bond Back

Receiving your full bond back is never a given. When nearing the end of a lease, a property manager will inspect the property and check for things that need to be repaired by the tenant, if these issues are not fixed, the property manager then has the right to take the amount needed for repairs out of your bond.

Here we have included six tips that will help you get your full bond back.

Perform Your Own Inspection

The Property Condition report is a document that you fill out upon moving into a rental – this is one of the most important firsts steps to get right. Inexperienced tenants are less likely to disagree with what the condition report states about aspects of the property – but it is vital to take note of any damage that the report has missed (paying close attention to walls, carpets, ceilings and windows). This report, along with your added photos can be used as evidence of property condition when you move out, ensuring that you are not liable for any pre-existing damage.

Look After the Carpets

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your carpet will put you in good stead for receiving a full bond refund. Carpets are the single biggest attractor of dirt and bacteria in the house which makes it good practice to clean up stains as soon as they happen. Carpet is quite costly to replace which is why many tenants opt to hire professional carpet cleaners, so they are assured that it is up to standard.

Smoke Outside

If you are a smoker – be it occasional or regularly, you may think that the odd smoke here and there in the house will not do any harm. This cannot be further from the truth and the importance of not smoking in the house cannot be stressed enough. The carpets, curtains, walls, ceilings and furniture absorb the smell of smoke and more often than not, walls need to be repainted and carpet deodorised – accounting for a large chunk taken out of your bond.

Document All Cleaning and Repairs

If your landlord has asked for you to carry out any cleaning or repairs of the property, it is a good idea to keep supporting documentation such as invoices and quotations that prove the date the service was carried out and what the cost was. This may come in handy if the cleaning or repair services carried out are not adequate, if it results in a full bond refund not permitted, many cleaning and repair companies will carry out the service again free of charge.

Be Present at Inspections

Although it is not always possible due to work and personal commitments, attending the final property inspection is recommended. This is a valuable time to talk with your landlord and ensure that everything meets the set standards. Landlords often point out areas that require more cleaning or repair and this is very valuable if it can be done face-to-face as there is no room for misinterpretation.

Don’t Break Your Lease

Where possible, try not to break your lease early because you will likely find that you are required to pay rent until a new tenant is found. On top of this, you may also be charged with the cost of re-advertising the property and financially compensating the owner for re-letting their home. All of these charges can add up and eat into your bond.

Ending your lease and receiving a full bond refund isn’t difficult, provided you know what is required. Follow the steps above and you will put yourself in the best position possible to get the full bond back.


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