Things To Consider At The End of Your Lease


Vacating a rental residential property can be extremely stressful. Packing up furniture and other possessions, physically moving everything as well as making sure the property is in the same condition as when you moved in. For today’s post, the team at Really Cheap Bond Cleaning Brisbane thought we’d give you some tips on how to make vacating your rental a bit easier.

  • Lease Conditions

When you take on a lease for a residential property, there are sometimes conditions that you have to stick to. No smoking cigarettes inside is a very common one. No indoor pets is another. If either of these things has happened in the property, you will certainly have to work harder to eliminate the odours or stains created by either smoke or your pets.

  • Make a Plan as Soon as You Know You Are Moving

You need to have a plan of attack as soon as you know you are vacating. Make a note of potentially heavily-soiled items such as the oven, the bathroom, fans and light fittings. Begin to clean them in the weeks before your move. If you leave it to the last minute, it can add extra stress, especially if you are moving at the same time.

  • Consider the Prior Condition of Your Property

What was the property like when you first moved in? Was it brand new or is it an older property with major signs of wear and tear throughout? Your property manager will base their opinion on the entry condition report that was filled in at the beginning of the lease.

  • Try to Attend The Exit Appointment

If you can, attend the exit condition report with your property manager. Let them know of any issues that have come up since you exited. If the property manager has any issues, try and rectify them there and then if possible.

  • Routine Cleaning During Your Lease Will Help

The best way to avoid issues when moving out of a property is to keep on top of cleaning during your tenancy. Cleaning the oven regularly, dusting fans and wiping out cupboards on a regular basis. This helps minimise the cleaning needed when you move out. It also allows you to spot any damage or excessive wear and tear before the final inspection. You can let the property manager know of these before it becomes a bigger problem.

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