Tips for Maintaining a Tidy House

Keep it Clean

One of the things you can do in order to make moving house as pain-free as possible is to maintain your house or premises with a thorough, regular cleaning routine. This way, when it’s time to bond clean, you don’t have too much on your hands and you can focus on packing and relocating – and best of all, you’ll get your entire bond back! Besides that, a clean house is more aesthetically pleasing.
Also, if you have a clean house, it is a safer and healthier environment.
Clean up spills immediately to avoid stains setting in. A tidy house without clutter will be easier to move around in.
A clean kitchen will create less risk of food poisoning.

Clean Floors

If you keep the floor clean, you will minimise tripping and slipping injuries, and you’ll increase the life of your carpets by removing grit and sand. On wooden floors, using a protective floor wax or sealant will prevent wear. If you spill something wet on the floor, one of the options is to soak it up with sawdust, diatomaceous earth, or cat litter. There are a wide variety of tools available to clean your floor: buffers, automatic floor scrubbers and sweepers, and carpet extractors. These can deep clean most types of hard floor or carpeted floors, taking significantly less time than doing it manually.

Wooden Floors

Varying wooden floors require different types of care. This depends on whether they are waxed, oiled, or have a polyurethane coating. You must determine the type to treat it properly – for example it is hard to clear wood floor wax from a polyurethane coated surface. Follow these simple instructions when cleaning your wooden floor.

  • Clear off any furniture or items that are easy to move
  • Sweep or vacuum loose debris and dirt
  • Mop the floor along the grain. For a polyurethane coated floor, use a damp mop with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Wring out the mop thoroughly before you start. Run the mop back and forth, being sure to go with the grain in smooth strokes. Do not use water for lacquered or shellacked floors as it can stain and cause buckling.
  • Buff with a soft cloth to remove soapy residue. Cloth nappies are very effective for this because of their softness and absorbency.

We hope these tips help you along with keeping your house clean and tidy, and remember, contact us if you need some professional cleaning services.